The Fashion Angle interviewed our founder!

I can remember when I was a young child watching television, I would see advertising for welfare organisations for disadvantaged countries or animal rights. I’m sure this is the similar case for every other Gen Y.

Personally, I understood and grew support for these organisations ever since my first view, but sadly for some this type of marketing can become to saturated among other advertisements. They loose their power to trigger you to reach out and support them.

We are lucky enough to live in a highly artistic modern world, that we can combine our talents to create hope and reinforcement for these causes.
— Renee Arndt - The Fashion Angle

Our talents can be the beneficial substance to change the way we grow engagement. This is the ideation behind the new movement of Coexist.

Coexist is a not-for-profit animal welfare organisation aimed at keeping people informed about various animal welfare issues by raising awareness through stunning photography, film and high quality journalism.

In a world filled with languages, sadly we can’t learn the voice of an animal so we must be the voice to help them. Coexist will be helping our dear animal friends speak.

I chatted with the founder Natalie Cottee, in the lead up to their first launch campaign to find out how she combined her talents and passion to advance a movement.



Our Event Invitation - 11 . 11 . 16

A huge thank you to all of our friends, Kickstarter backers and supporters who helped our charity event go off without a hitch a couple of weeks back! We made sales and still have more online available for purchase with 100% of all sale proceeds to go towards caring for the Zambi animals featured in the photographs!

Of course a huge thank you to our Sponsors too! Sun Studios for allowing us to use their amazing studio space for the show. Raw Vine Estate's delicious vegan friendly wine which kept flowing all night, Yullis Brews' tasty beers and Carbon8 for giving us an amazing deal on the beautiful printing!


Team credits

Brand / Coexist. @coexistthemovement
Photography / Natalie Cottee @studioARTOHOLIC
Talent / Louise Van De Vorst @imgmodels 
Production + Creative / @studioARTOHOLIC
Styling / Danielle Soglimbene
H+M / Constance Bowles @sync
Shoot Producer / Lisa Ryan

Team Writer / Elfy Scott
Brand Manager / Abbie Weir
Digi Op + 1st Assist / Jack Salkild
2nd Assist / Nathan Johnson
Runner / Zac Warneford

Behind The Scenes at our Coexist 2016 Launch Campaign Shoot!

A few behind the scenes snippets from our launch campaign shoot day!

A huge thank you to the beautiful friends, family and all the Kickstarter backers who donated their time and support to our cause! Also, thank you to the wonderful Donna Wilson, Dan Lack and the rest of the Zambi team for all your inspiring, hard work caring for these animals!

Video thanks to the amazing Lisa Ryan

The beginning - Raising funds and awareness to launch our first campaign!

This video is from the archives from earlier this year when we visited Zambi Wildlife Retreat and met with the animals before the shoot!

Launching with Zambi as our first project - we went with the concept of a photo shoot and exhibition to create awareness to the world of animal captivity in circuses and zoos internationally and raise funds from the print sales with 100% of all sales proceeds to be donated back to the animals at Zambi.

Video by Lisa Ryan